• Accelerated drying

  • Reduced line maintenance

  • Reduced sagging/run off

  • High film build

  • Storage longevity

  • Low V.O.C


  • Personnel safety
  • Our focus is to produce the most advanced products to enhance the performance of Energy storage and generation devices.
  • Utilizing the latest chemistry and manufacturing processes our products help producers overcome some of the most difficult technical challenges such as: 
  • We are committed to providing the most effective metal forming lubricant to increase productivity and manage cost.
  • Utilizing the latest technologies, our products are the most effective option to solving the following problems:

Formulating the Future ®


  • Our goal is to provide customers with specialized direct metal coatings to improve productivity, corrosion resistance, early water resistance and Low V.O.C. coatings that will improve productivity and reduce costs by solving the following issues:  ​

  • Reduce die wear/tool erosion

  • Improved substrate wetting 

  • Reduced stickers

  • Inconsistent dilution ratios


  • Plugged spray tips

  • Personnel safety   

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  • ​​​​Increased energy density


  • Improved substrate adhesion

  • Reduction in heat/resistance

  • Improved flexibility/Solvent resistance

  • Reduced environmental impact 

  • Improved cycling performance

​ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED