Features and Benefits
Water / Emulsion
  • High Performance and Waterbased
  • Versatile die lubricant designed specifically for hot and warm forging
  • Excels wehere metal movement is severe
  • Can be used in flood or spray applications
  • Die temperatures can range from 100 °C to 371 °C  (700 °F)
  • It's our mission to create specialty products. If you don't see what you need, contact us so we can find a solution.
Base Technology
graphite / Polymers
Hot Forging
H.P.  Die Casting
Billet Coating
  • a billet coating that protects steel billets up to 980 °C
  • used as a die lubricant when temperatures exceed 650 °C
  • water-based product
  • can either be diluted or used as is for certain applications
  • Smokeless and non-flammable.
  • High performance
  • Water-based
  • ​Die lubricant designed specifically for hot foreign of ferrous metals on presses
  • Excels where metal movement is severe (extrude-type operations)
  • Capable of wetting dies at temperatures as high as 371 °C  (700 °F)
Hot Forging
Part Quality Improvements

​ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED

  • Waterbased emulsion designed for both aluminum and magnesium die casting
  • Superior release properties with complex parts
  • Excellent high temperature wetting capabilities
  • Product is used at dilution ratios of 1:80 to 1:150
graphite / Polymers
graphite / OIl
Reducing Die Wear 
  • Graphite dispersion in petroleum oil
  • Lubricates effectively up to 900 (degree) F
  • Eliminates galling and seizing that results in excessive wear
  • Used in several different types of forming applications
Billet Coating
Hot / Warm Forging
Specialized  Products to solve difficult problems 
graphite / Polymers
graphite / Polymers
forming Complex parts
  • Graphite free
  • Waterbased die lubricant designed specifically to provide effective lubrication
  • release when hot forging on presses, upsetters, or hammers
  • Capable of wetting dies up to 370 °C



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Formulating the Future ®

  • Billet coating that protects steel billets up to 870 °C
  • Used as a die lubricant when extensive metal movement is required or when temperatures exceed 425 °C
  • Waterbased, smokeless and non-flammable
  • Good release for high metal movement